HI-Standard Series Europe in Mayrhofen’s Vans Penken Park

The second stop of the Vans Hi-Standard Series Europe took place in Mayrhofen, Austria on Saturday, March 23rd.

The comp was held on the roller jump at the bottom of the pro line of the Vans Penken Park Mayrhofen which was just the right size kicker to have some fun and allowing anything up to the limit of 720 degree spins and in between.

In the end Mayrhofen local Flo Heim took top honors in the mens division showing the most variety and style and came out with the win while in the juniors up to 16 years Rowan Coultas from the UK came in 1st place with a series of flawless airs including cab underflips, bs 180ies and such.

Words and Photos: Thomas “Beckna” Eberharter.

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