Looking Sideways, presented by Vans and Burn,  premiered in Tignes from 14-18th March during the week of the 2nd European X-Games and was a great success with public and media alike. 
Reporting on the X-Games, Transworld Snowboarding’s European correspondent Matt Barr wrote “…the most interesting thing so far about this event, other than the predictably mind-blowing riding, has been a little fringe event called Looking Sideways.” 
An ongoing project celebrating the creativity that surrounds & defines boardsport culture, L.S. aims to explore the fringes of the snow, surf and skate scenes – the art, music and diverse creative culture which elevate our sports into lifestyles. 
Looking Sideways mark 1 featured ‘Waiting for Clouds’, a photo retrospective by respected Euro snow photographer James McPhail, and Schoph Scophields ‘Down Too Long In The Midnight Sea’ art show which drew a constant stream of visitors from the 75,000 people in town for the X-Games. 
The opening night private view party attracted a who’s-who of European and worldwide snowsports industry and media, as well as X-Games organisers, broadcasters and competitors to our pop-up gallery at the Loop bar. Jenny Jones, 3 times X-Games gold medallist, said “I visited the looking sideways event in Tignes this year and was super impressed by the combination of art and photography. The atmosphere was lively and fresh, and the music was awesome which is the complete opposite to a lot of events like this…” 
As well as the art, the LS program was jam packed with music including exclusive shows from Island Records hot new signing Ben Howard, amazing beatbox / vocal percussionists Duke, 80s rock / metal revivalists Jettblack and Swedish fuzzrock legends Truck Fighters plus sets from Gallows, The Yard, GPSY Feelin’ and Looking Sideways DJs. 
To complement the events at out venue, the Looking Sideways creative crew were busy around town and in the mountains, shooting photo and video action with Vans, Burn, GPSY Feelin’ and Dragon Lodge riders, producing some great freeride and urban shredding shots as well as stunning portrait projects – some of which is to come in the next HUCK magazine, some already online and in the 
exclusive HUCK digi-mag, and some still to be release… 
HUCK magazine, some already online and in the exclusive HUCK digi-mag, and some still to be release… 
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Video links:
Looking Sideways intro video 
James McPhail photography video 
Schoph Schophield art interview video 
Art / Photography opening show by Vans Mark Ruparelia 
Ben Howard “A Hand To Hold” live exclusive 

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