What’s The Word With Mark Landvik

Mark Landvik. Photos by Scott Serfas.

Mark Landvik is a beast. Not a Viking beast that rapes and pillages unconquered lands, but a snowboarding beast that rides and pillows untapped terrain. Both have a penchant for exploration and conquest, but in Lando’s case, the only virgins involved are remote, snow-covered peaks. He has spent the last two years traveling the world with Travis Rice and the Brainfarm crew, and with their latest movie The Art Of Flight set to release this fall, we caught up with Lando to recount the spoils of victory and the agony of defeat…

Coming off of the best snowboard film ever made, That’s It, That’s All, you guys went right into filming The Art Of Flight. What has that experience been like, and did you ever think you would be making movies on this level?

We actually took one year off which was a good thing, don’t think we could handle that back to back. No way! Making a snowboarding film is very difficult and making a Brainfarm Film is beyond next level in comparison, way more work but well worth it. I love working with Brainfarm; it’s a group of about 15 of us just kickin’ ass and having way too much fun.

What were some of the craziest, scariest or most exciting places you traveled while making the movie?

The craziest was in Patagonia flying over open ocean in one heli, no back up, in one of the most desolate places in the world also with some of the World’s worst weather. Oh ya, and Curt threw the floatation devices out of the heli on the first day. It’s a trip though being that close to Antarctica; we were 40 miles from Cape Horn (the most Southern tip of the Americas).

What’s it like riding with Travis Rice? Do you push him, does he push you, or what is that dynamic like?

Rice is an animal, I think that’s been well established, but he is not as loose as some might think. The truth is that he is very calculated and has a scary, strangely skewed vision of what snowboarding is, or should be. The dynamic as far as Rice and I are concerned, I think anytime you have two strong personalities chasing the same thing there can be a little friction, but for the most part all that shit gets left in the pow. We have a great time riding together regardless.

You were injured while filming. Explain what happened and how is your recovery coming along?

Unfortunately, yes I got hurt this season after a relentless month of filming, with only five days off in the month of January. I think the combo of charging so hard without rest and the lack of fresh nipple deep pow is what got me in trouble.

For more info on the The Art Of Flight and to watch the trailer, check out The Official Website.

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