White Noise: Hana Beaman from Snowboarder Magazine.

With a resume that includes X Games medals, slopestyle victories, video parts in numerous films, and most recently, her collaborative webisode series “P.S.”, Hana Beaman has long been carrying the flag for what the fairer sex can do on a snowboard. While it’s easy to say that Hana is doing great things for women’s snowboarding, we would like to go further to state that she offers a significant contribution to snowboarding as a whole because she tackles standing sideways on her own terms, charging in the streets and the backcountry. We respect her opinion on a variety of topics, so we thought she’d be a perfect candidate to share her music picks so we can update the office playlist. Update yours, too, with some of Miss Beaman’s favorite songs. – Mary Walsh

To read the full story go to snowboardermag.com…

Photos by Mike Yoshida. 

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