Vans Presents Videograss and Deja Vu Premiere in New York City

It just wouldn’t feel like snowboard season without new movies to watch, and Videograss “The Last Ones” and “Déjà Vu” delivered in a big way last Saturday night. Vans brought the two films to New York City for a monster East Coast crowd that is ready for winter. We took over Tammany Hall in NYC’s Lower East Side with a gang of local skaters, shredders, bros and babes to enjoy free beer, Max Klaw spinning tunes and Vans goodies galore. Everyone snatched up wallets, stickers, shades and bandanas before the movies began, because once they did, all eyes were glued to screen to watch “The Last Ones” riders Darrell Mathes and Zac Marben rip it up. We even had special guests Will Lavigne and Phil Jacques from “Déjà Vu” road trip down from their Montreal premiere on Thursday to introduce their film and party with the people. Everyone had a blast watching the movies, enjoying the drinks and hanging out with the pros. It was a great event and proved that the City is as stoked to shred as anyone. 

For more info on the films check out and

Photos by Larry Nuñez.


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