Iouri Podladtchikov and Markus Keller Come Up at Arctic Challenge

Terje Haakonsen’s Arctic Challenge in Olso, Norway is one of the premiere events in snowboarding, and 2014 kept the tradition of innovation and originality alive. The standard halfpipe format was switched up with an open jam session and several skate style features on the deck for the riders to incorporate into their runs. Last year’s winner Iouri Podladtchikov was joined by fellow Vans team riders Arthur Longo and Markus Keller to ride the unique course. IPod killed it as usual and ended up in second place, while Markus stomped a tricky hand plant over the mail box to win Best Trick.

Photos: Bruno Rivoire

Video from the first day of practice at The Arctic Challenge 2014 in Olso, Norway. Vans Team Riders Iouri Podladtchikov, Arthur Longo and Markus Keller are ready to unleash on Terje’s signature event, which this year includes a pipe with jib features and a quarter pipe to finish things off. Can’t wait to see what gets thrown down tomorrow! 

Monsieur Arthur Longo launching into the unknown somewhere in France.

Arthur Longo shows us what is like training for the most anticipated halfpipe contests of his life. Watch as he discusses battling unexpected injuries and his opinion on snowboarding in the Olympics.

Music: “El Dorado” by The Fling, “Epilogue” by Lights & Motion, and “October” by The Helio Sequence

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Sometimes a big frontside air is just nice…@arthur_longo blasting outta the frame xgames@aspensnowmass

Filmed by: @larrynunez